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Annual Events
Over 200 event types can be declared to the annual policy. No maximum attendance. No limitation on number of days.
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Annual Vendors & Exhibitors
Provides coverage on an annual basis for a vendor, exhibitor, or concessionaire at a Trade Show, Festival, Fair, and similar activities.
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Event Cancellation
Event Cancellation for over 150 types of events, up to 90 days in duration.
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Foreign Events
Provides the full spectrum of insurance coverages at competitive premiums for foreign productions of any budget, up to 12 months in duration. Single Production and multiple production (annual policies) are available.
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The Promoters program insures a promoter of events such as music, festivals, shows, clubs, parties and more.
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Special Event Coverage
Coverage for a Single Event. Over 200 types of events. No attendance maximum. Maximum event duration is 90 days.
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Theatrical Groups
The Theatrical program covers touring and non-touring theatrical companies.
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Touring Entertainers
The Touring Entertainers program covers touring musical groups, touring entertainers and performers, comedians, house bands, and baby bands.
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Vendors & Exhibitors
Provides coverage for a vendor, exhibitor or concessionaire at a single Trade Show, Festival, Fair and similar festivities.
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The Venue program provides coverage for the venue for the events taking place at the venue.
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Wedding Cancellation
Protect your wedding investment with cancellation coverage and more.
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