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Frequently Asked Questions
General Program Questions
Can coverage be backdated?
No. Coverage cannot be bound prior to the current date.
Is coverage available Internationally (i.e. outside of the US)?
Coverage is only valid in the US & Canada.
When does coverage begin?
If coverage is bound prior to the effective date, coverage begins at 12:01am on the first date of coverage. If coverage is bound on the effective date, coverage begins once coverage is bound.
When does coverage end?
Coverage ends at 12:01am on the last date of coverage. For example, if the policy period is 7/1/07 7/5/07, coverage ends at 12:01 am on 7/5/07. If coverage is required for 7/5/07, then the expiration date requested should be 7/6/07.
Property Related Questions
Can Property coverage be obtained mono-line (without any other coverages such as liability, etc.)?
No. Liability coverage must be obtained to have property coverage.
Liability Related Questions
How many certificate of insurance can be issued?
An unlimited number of certificates can been issued if the blanket additional insured coverage is selected. However, certificates requiring special wording, special forms be completed, or waiver of subrogation will incur an additional fee.
Can General Liability coverage be obtained mono-line (without any other coverages such as property, etc.)?
Yes. Liability coverage can be issued mono-line.
Is host liquor included in general liability?
No. Liquor liability must be purchased to have host liquor coverage.
Automobile Related Questions
Does the Hired & Non-owned Automobile coverage cover scooters??
No. Coverage for scooters and/or motorbikes is not provided.
Can Hired & Non-Owned Automobile coverage be obtained mono-line (without any other coverages such as liability, etc.)?
No. Auto coverages must be written in conjunction with General Liability Insurance.
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