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Program Summary
The Venue program provides coverage for the venue for the events taking place at the venue.
The Venues program is designed to cover a venue for events that take place at the venue. The Venue policy does not afford coverage for the event organizer (if other than the venue), but rather for the facility where the event occurs.
The Venue policy is flexible enough to cover many types of events. Premium is based on estimated admissions and events do not have to be declared (except for rap/hip-hop concerts).
Limits are available up to 10 million for liability and 1 million on inland marine. The program is available to venues in the U.S.
Available coverages include:
Inland Marine Rented Equipment, Owned Equipment, Office Contents & more
General Liability General Liability (including increased limits)
Automobile Automobile Liability, Physical Damage
Excess Liability Total policy limits available up to 10,000,000
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